Estate Guru Professional for Accountants

Deepen client relationships,
expand your services beyond tax season

A Tech-Enabled Solution to Estate Planning for Accountants

Tax season brings opportunities, longer hours, increased billables, higher-touch client engagement and a few headaches with it. Managing the tax complexities of your clients’ estate can cause interrupted workflows, scheduling conflicts with clients and attorneys and losing control of delicate and time sensitive processes. With EG Pro, you get a single place where you can automate the estate planning collaboration that needs to take place between you and all the relevant parties – all while maintaining compliance and adherence to industry standards.

Grow your practice with estate planning data insights

CPAs, tax planning professionals, enrolled agents, and business planning professionals can streamline, structure and simplify the estate planning process all while collaborating with real attorneys licensed in their state. Boost client engagement. Deepen client satisfaction. Grow your practice with estate planning data insights. With EG Pro, do all of this with one single platform.

Generate New Clients

Make it simple to generate new client leads from every client that interacts with the EG Pro platform. Empower your practice and employees to do the same.

Let EG Pro Do the Heavy Lifting

Using our calendar scheduling application, have your client’s schedule their appointment with us and we’ll be sure to include you in on the data while handling all the heavy lifting ourselves.

Improve Internal and External Collaboration

Work securely in the cloud with attorneys licensed in your clients’ state no matter where they are. Streamline communication with robust permissioned access that provides simplified compliance to everyone involved.

Let Your Clients Interact from the Comfort of Home

Let your client’s complete their estate planning essentials from home on any device using our intuitive platform interface. No need for you to be in the room if you can’t be there.

Generate More Value for Existing Clients

Allow your practice to add another fee for service that can provide peace of mind to your clients and more top line to your practice.

Create Value Outside of Tax Season

Keep in touch with clients throughout the year and maintain relationships by providing value that can be created all year round.

Ensure Data Security and Document Storage

Make it simple to create, view, share, store and amend documents for clients, accountants and attorneys across organizational boundaries.

Provide and Receive a Holistic View of Your Clients

View your clients estate plans holistically from all the assets they have to where those assets are going. Empower your accounting practice with client data.

Track Clients Throughout Their Life Cycles

Enhance client retention by being notified of significant life events like the sale of assets, additions of beneficiaries and more.

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