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How to Share Documents with Those You Have Named in Your Plan

Step 1. Once you or your client have completed the “Documents” the documents can be shared with those named in the estate plan and with others by clicking on the “People Tab”

Step 2. From there, you will be able to see all individuals named in the estate plan. You can choose from the drop down, which person you would like to share documents for, and check the specific documents.

Step 3. You can easily share the documents by clicking “Invite” for the individuals you would like to share the documents with.

Step 4. And lastly, you enter some basic contact information for those individuals on the window that appears after clicking “Invite.”

Step 5. Now just click “Send Invitation.” This person now can access the documents you have shared with them anytime, anywhere! It was just that easy…oh, and now they appear in the “Leads” tab for the advisor! Everyone wins.