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How To Update And Make Changes To Your Estate Plan Using The Online Platform

Making amendments is crucial to keeping your clients estate plans up to date and current. The Estate Guru Professional platform allows you and your clients to make amendments to their documents when they need to. Events that qualify for needing an amendment include but are not limited to: buying a new home or property, acquiring a new business, acquiring or selling a significant asset, adding or changing beneficiaries, the birth of a child, the death of an individual named in the original estate plan, moving to a new state and many others.

Your client’s documents should be kept current. We make that easy by allowing you and your clients to log in to the online platform and make an amendment anytime and from anywhere where you have internet access.

Step 1: Log into the online portal and go to the dashboard then click on the “Documents Tab”

Step 2: Click on the small pencil icons next to the “ready to sign” headlines to make changes to your documents before they have been signed and notarized. Then follow the instructions to make changes.

To make an amendment to documents that have already been signed and notarized, click on the small pencil Icon beneath the “Ready to Sign” headline and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Have your client pay the amendment fee (if applicable) in the platform and your new documents will be available to download, print and email from the online platform.

How will my client know if they need to make an amendment to their documents?

Not everyone will know when and if they need to make an amendment to their documents. Life moves at a different pace for different people and it’s easy to forget about the documents that hold everything in place. We at Estate Guru Professional keep track of your clients’ amendments and help them to stay on top of keeping their documents updated ny emailing them semi-annually asking them a series of questions like – have you bought or sold property in the past 6 months? Etc. If their response to any of the questions is yes, then we provide them a link in the email to log in to the platform and make the necessary amendment. Additionally, if there is a regulatory change that affects their estate plan then we email them immediately regarding that change and provide them the amendment at no cost.

How will I know if my client has made an amendment to their documents?

We keep you as the advisor in the loop as well regarding any amendments that your clients make. When they make an amendment, we send an email to the email address on your advisor profile to let you know that they made a change. Simply log into your dashboard, find the client that the email stated made a change – and see what is going on in their estate.

What changes will need to be made to my estate plan if someone is unfit and/or unavailable to act as a Successor Trustee?

A new certification of trust must be created to remove the individual as a trustee. We provide this document, among others in the physical documents that are shipped to the client. Simply have them fill the form out, sign it, and scan it back to us.