Estate Guru Professional Security & Compliance

Protecting data, securing legacies

At Estate Guru Professional we’re dedicated to making sure that estate planning is securely customized and accelerated in the digital age. We embed security not only into our platform but into our entire organization.
Security Backed by Solid Servers and Airtight Encryption

We leverage data centers by Estate Guru Professional partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS) with strong security practices and protocols. This enables you to easily secure and store your data in one location or in multiple regions accessible via the cloud – anytime, anywhere.

Tested and Validated Security

Our security solutions have been tested and validated by third party auditors such as the PCI Security Standards Council and Trustwave among many other third party auditors and broker dealer compliance checks.


Customer is solely responsible for ensuring it is in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. Estate Guru Professional does not provide legal advice or any representations that Estate Guru Professional will ensure Customer is in compliance with applicable laws or regulations. Customer acknowledges that purchasing any services or products from Estate Guru Professional does not ensure or provide an attestation that Customer is in compliance with specific compliance, legal, or regulatory requirements.

Depending on the professional ecosystem that you operate within and the professional licenses that you hold, you will have different regulatory authorities and regulatory statutes to be compliant with. Feel free to contact us regarding any compliance questions you may have and we will send you the compliance materials relevant to your field and industry.

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