Leveraging Scale Through Technology


Our attorneys at Estate Guru Professional span all 50 states and serve in a variety of legal capacities for the clients we serve. Our legal team is up to standard on the American Bar Association’s code of ethics and other standards of excellence.

Our analytics and quarterly check-ups with clients will keep you up-to-date with their needs. We give you a way to pick-up the little guys and, with little effort, build a relationship with them. This allows you to gain clients that grow into your business, and also single out key accounts you want to follow up on. With Estate Guru Professional you will be able to:

    • You can decide what you will charge for these services, not us.
    • Expand your online presence through easy access to estate plans.
    • Clients will grow, giving you opportunities to provide additional services throughout their lives.
    • Obtain more clients without the back-end work.

If you have an inquiry about scaling your practice in the state in which you are licensed please feel free to send us an inquiry at