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Having helped thousands of people with their estate plans we knew there was a simpler and smarter way. So we assembled the best people we could find – visionaries, techies, programmers, digital media marketers, attorneys, and financial planners. All with one purpose – to create a revolutionary new tool – Estate Guru Professional.

While Estate Guru Professional is new, the knowledge and analytics behind it are not. Our team’s intimate knowledge and extensive experience covers every area of the estate planning process. Our collective expertise has been worked into the tool to create and manage estate plans that fit every unique need without breaking the bank for your clients.

There’s a smarter way


We’ve been through the headaches and the tiresome relationship management between clients, attorneys and advisors. So we created a way with keep everyone happy, efficient and incentivized without cheap boilerplate documents or DIY document engines. No more need for cumbersome and inefficient meetings with attorneys. No exorbitant fees for updates to keep plans current. Estate Guru Professional proves there’s a better way.

We reimagined the entire estate planning process, focusing on the day-to-day interactions between you, the attorney and your client, not just the physical documents that are in the estate plan. Quality documents are essential but not sufficient.

Unique durability & security


Once your clients create their estate planning documents, they can simply place their estate plan on autopilot. We will notify you when life events mandate an update. No matter where life takes you or them, clients can sleep well at night knowing their plan is accurate and up to date at all times.
Creating and keeping their documents online permits them to seamlessly share them as needed. Stored on our secure servers, their documents are protected and with them wherever they have access to the web.
Estate Guru Professional – the way estate planning should be.

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